Bryan Smith on the Art of Software

Bryan Smith on the Art of Software


Hi, I’m Bryan, a startup CTO, entrepreneur, and generally all around curious person. This is where I share my musings on all things software and SaaS (and possibly a few other random things).
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Essays & Musings on the Art of Software

πŸ“9 cognitive biases every startup founder should be aware of (and how they impact you)

πŸ€”Β As a startup founder, you face decisions daily. Cognitive biases can skew the data you gather, and the decisions you make. You can these biases with ample data and critical thinking. But first, you have to be aware of them.

πŸ“Don’t learn the wrong lesson from Henry Ford

πŸš€Β The thing is users do know what they want, they just don't know how to explain it.

πŸ“Interviewing Customers: 12 Lessons Learned

πŸ’‘Β My personal lessons on how to stop hating, and actually enjoy doing customer interviews.

πŸ“8 tips for managing customer feedback

πŸ“Β Many startup founders receive plenty of feedback but don't structure it so they can learn from it.


I've decided to publish these as I write them, I love the idea of doing things in public. If it says WIP I'd love your feedback on Twitter!
πŸ“Β Upcoming: Design software by being outcomes focused (WIP)

Essays & Musings on Innovation & Disruption

Examples and musings on current Innovation & Disruption (as defined by Clay Christensen) we are witnessing in the market place today.

πŸ’»Innovation & Disruption: Apple & ARM vs Intel & x86

Embedded and small computing devices are gradually eating the world. It's the same move that happened to mainframes with PC's (one Intel had a major role in!)



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