Bryan Smith on the Art of Software

Bryan Smith on the Art of Software


This is where I share my musings on all things software and SaaS (and possibly a few other random things). Each Sunday I'll be sharing a status report as I create Interweave, a SaaS for product people.
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My musings on the Art of Software. I've decided to publish these as I write them, it appears doing things in public is a theme for 2021. If it says WIP I'd love your feedback on Twitter!

Current WIP's

πŸ“How to ask "Does this solve your pain?" at scale (WIP)πŸ“What is and do I have Product Market Fit? (Hint: it depends) WIPπŸ“The Art of Saying Not Yet (WIP)

February 2021

πŸ“Interviewing Customers: 12 Lessons Learned

January 2021

πŸ“Don’t learn the wrong lesson from Henry Ford

November 2020

πŸ“8 tips for managing customer feedback

Innovation & Disruption

Examples and musings on current Innovation & Disruption (as defined by Clay Christensen) we are witnessing in the market place today.
πŸ’»Innovation & Disruption: Apple & ARM vs Intel & x86
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