Currently Reading

Currently Reading

I'm an avid reader, I usually have a few books going at once. I like to think over what I've read so it helps me to jump to a different book instead of plowing through one quickly. Below are all the books I'm working through (I'm always reading a work of fiction as well, usually sci-fi or fantasy).
Here's what's on my desk and nightstand now (in the order I started reading them).

Just Listen

Discover the secret of getting through to absolutely anyone
by Mark Goulston
Why I'm reading this: I was listening to the Software Social podcast and they had Alex Hillman on who mentioned this book. He says it's his non-business book he recommends for people in business. It's written by a former FBI hostage negotiation trainer.


Weaving sense-making into the fabric
by Dave Snowden
Why I'm reading this: I recently came across Cynefin watching a cyber security webinar on how to prioritize risk. The concept is straight forward, it provides a framework to prioritize complex things. As a product person I'm always interested in prioritization and thought this could lend light to this field.


Ordinary People, Extraordinary Products
by Marty Cagan with Chris Jones
Why I'm reading this: Marty Cagan is the OG product manager. Empowered speaks to more than just what a great product is, but how to empower teams to make them. H


A Flaw in Human Judgement
by Daniel Kahneman
Why I'm reading this: I'm quite curios and interested in decision sciences and behavior theory. Noise explores these concepts. Having led many teams, personally experienced how the luck of the draw (on who takes on the work, be it a new feature or just a support call) can have dramatic differences in outcome; I'm personally drawn to this books subject.

Books I've Read

And that'd I actually recommend, a far shorter list than I've read.

Demand-Side Sales 101

Stop selling and help your customers make progress
by Bob Moesta | Amazon
Why I read this: I'm a HUGE fan of Jobs to be Done Theory, thus I'm a huge fan of Bob Moesta. So when I heard about this book I bought it immediately. Demand-Side Sales is a misleading book name, in truth its about unlocking what your customer really wants by better understanding their root motivations. I consider this a must read.

Atomic Habits

An easy & proven way to build good habits & break bad ones
by James Clear | Amazon
Why I'm reading this: My daughter was assigned this by her college soccer coach and said it was really good. So I picked it up and have found it to be quite insightful. I don't normally read self-help books, so almost said no, but I'm really glad I didn't. In truth Atomic Habits is more than "how to build good habits" but provides examples of how our identity is interwoven with habits, both intentionally and unintentionally.
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