The Art of Saying Not Yet (WIP)

The Art of Saying Not Yet (WIP)

This essay is a work in progress and probably may be in disarray. I'm trying an experiment where I share early versions of my writings before they're ready for prime-time. If you have feedback hit me up on Twitter.
Last Updated: 2021-01-31 (Just capturing my rough thoughts)

Essay Notes
  • In many ways planning an MVP is practicing saying "No" or saying "But what if I didn't?" If I didn't implement X, what would that do? Would it prevent value delivery? Would my vision still be visible? Early on I think "No" or "Not Yet" is often the right choice.
  • So today I'm thinking what is Interweave's MVP? What is the core of the vision that has to be there day 1? I'm tackling this by thinking through the "happy path" the end to end value delivery mechanism. If it's not on the happy path it's an obvious "not yet".
  • If it is on the happy path I start thinking about it's purpose and make "MVP" and "Not Yet" lists for it. Making the Not Yet list forces me to think through if it's really necessary. I've found I keep moving things from MVP to Not Yet. Even though I'm saying no, I'm having fun!
  • How to plan an MVP (and not overplan it)
    • What is your happy path? The path that demonstrates the value of your vision.
    • Stick to the path! Find the fastest way through.
    • For each step of the path think through:
      • What does it have to do
        • Then ask yourself, "But what if I didn't?"
        • If you find that not doing it doesn't hurt the value/vision then put it in the "Not Yet" list.
    • I use a mind map for all this.
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