Currently Reading

Currently Reading

I'm an avid reader, I usually have a few books going at once. I like to think over what I've read so it helps me to jump to a different book instead of plowing through one quickly. Below are all the books I'm working through (I always reading a work of fiction as well, usually sci-fi or fantasy).
Here's what's on my desk and nightstand now (in the order I started reading them).

Atomic Habits

An easy & proven way to build good habits & break bad ones
by James Clear | Amazon
Why I'm reading this: My daughter was assigned this by her college soccer coach and said it was really good. So I picked it up and have found it to be quite insightful. I don't normally read self-help books, so almost said no, but I'm really glad I didn't.

Just Listen

Discover the secret of getting through to absolutely anyone
by Mark Goulston | Amazon
Why I'm reading this: I was listening to the Software Social podcast and they had Alex Hillman on who mentioned this book. He says it's his non-business book he recommends for people in business. It's written by a former FBI hostage negotiation trainer.

The Mental Toughness Handbook

A step-by-step guide to facing life's challenges, managing negative emotions, and overcoming adversity with courage and point.
by Damon Zahariades | Amazon
Why I'm reading this: After getting about half way through Atomic Habits I realized I had habits I didn't understand the root cause of. So after reading through a lot of suggestions and reviews for psychology books I came across this one. I'm about half way through and this might be one of the books I recommend for everyone.

Demand-Side Sales 101

Stop selling and help your customers make progress
by Bob Moesta | Amazon
Why I'm reading this: I'm a HUGE fan of Jobs to be Done Theory, thus I'm a huge fan of Bob Moesta. So when I heard about this book I bought it immediately.


Weaving sense-making into the fabric
by Dave Snowden | Amazon
Why I'm reading this: I recently came across Cynefin watching a cyber security webinar on how to prioritize risk. The concept is straight forward, it provides a framework to prioritize complex things. As a product person I'm always interested in prioritization and thought this could lend light to this field.
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